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Join Colleen every Wednesday morning at 8 am for a zoom meeting. Each week there are different speakers and the public is welcome to ask questions.

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Join Coffee with Colleen Wednesday, March 10th: Dr. Berry

The most recent Coffee With Colleen: March 3, 2021 with Dr. Lynn Keenan

Lynn discussed her preliminary findings as she has worked with Childcare businesses in Clallam County.

  • Numbers and Types of Childcare Providers in Clallam County
  • The Childcare Demand and the Gaps in the County
  • The Troubling Underlying Economics of Operating a Childcare Business
  • Licensing Barriers
  • Proposed State Legislation

Upcoming Coffee With Colleen speakers:

  • March 17 – Employee Retention Tax Credit. Lena and Graham
  • May 5 – Hilary Franz

Past Recordings on YouTube

Coffee with Colleen

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