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Join Colleen every Wednesday morning at 8 am for a zoom meeting. Each week there are different speakers and the public is welcome to ask questions.

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Join Coffee with Colleen this Wednesday Morning, Dec 2 Dr. Luke Robins, President of Peninsula College discusses how Covid-19 is changing things and what people can expect.

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Coffee with Colleen: 11/25

Representative Steve Tharinger, Bruce Beckett, David Giuliani, Rylan Burles, and Nathan West joined Colleen today. Tharinger discussed important Unemployment updates, current issues, and the unprecedented bipartisan support for the solutions to those issues. Guliani had some good news about the Safe Works and Economic Recovery grant program to help businesses hardest hit in this second shut down. ( i.e. fitness centers, bowling alley, restaurants, and music/event venues. ) Ryan Burles from Canada gave a much appreciated update on Blackball Ferry.

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Coffee with Colleen

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