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Unemployment Update:

The American Rescue Plan included Unemployment benefits of 300.00 per week, in addition to state benefits.

Alert! Job search requirements continue to be suspended.

The Washington State House of Representatives and Senate voted to continue the suspension of job search requirements until the Pandemic State of Emergency is withdrawn by the Governor or legislative action, whichever is first. This means you can continue to answer “no” to the job search question on your weekly claim until the suspension is lifted.  

Looking for your next opportunity? 

Refine your skills, learn new ones and land a jobwith the help of WorkSource’s dedicated experts. Offices are physically closed statewide due to the pandemic, but you can still call your local office, join an online workshop and get virtual help at WorkSourceWA.com

UI Payments of extra $300 expire September 6, 2021

The new federal legislation that expands and changes CARES Act provisions includes an extra $300 per week for eligible claimants who are receiving benefits from any unemployment program. The extra payment is called Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC). Claimants who are eligible for benefits from the week ending Jan. 2, to the week ending March. 13, will receive the extra amount. Payments should start Jan. 15. Track developments on ESD’s website and social media.

Help to minimize delays by waiting until later in the week to log in and use eServices. Refer to the Employment Security Department website for details.

Weekly updated Unemployment Insurance Claims Dashboard for WA


Unemployment and ESD

 What are the differences between all of the unemployment programs?


If a business is under strain and cannot employ workers full-time, SharedWork allows employers to reduce hours and allow workers to collect partial unemployment. SharedWork claims do not count against an employer’s experience rating. If you have to reduce hours, this is the best option for the employer and the worker.

Regular UI

Regular UI refers to standard unemployment insurance benefits. This is the traditional unemployment benefit – the only significant change is the temporary waiver of the requirement for claimants to look for a new job through Nov. 9.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance – PUA

PUA is a federal program to support unemployed workers ineligible for regular UI benefits. Independent contractors, part-time workers, self-employed workers, and some other workers are eligible. See the second page of this document to determine PUA eligibility.

Pandemic Unemployment Extended Benefits – PEUC

PEUC is a federal program to continue benefit payments to unemployed workers that have exhausted their benefits. PUA and UI recipients are eligible to apply. After 26 weeks on regular UI or PUA, workers will receive a notice of final payment for their current program and a prompt to apply for PEUC. PEUC affords an additional 20 weeks of benefits.

Extended Benefits – EB

Extended benefits are available for recipients of regular UI benefits after they have been exhausted. Only regular UI claimants may apply – PUA claimants are not eligible. Claimants that exhaust their benefits should apply for PEUC first and consume those benefits before applying for EB.

Lost Wages Assistance – LWA

LWA is a federal program that pays an additional $300 per week to eligible claimants. To receive the extra benefit, workers must complete some extra questions each week through ESD’s eServices interface.

How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

Be careful and accurate when filing for benefits. Claims without issues are processed in 13 days on average. Claims with technical issues are taking up to 8-1/2 weeks to resolve. Contacting ESD may be difficult; agents are focused on resolving the longest-waiting claims.

Under the consumer resources appropriate page for rent and utilities page put this info at after the funding programs:   

Moratorium on evictions ending June 30, 2021

The Governor extended a moratorium on evictions last week. The extension included some modifications, including that tenants may be evicted if their behavior is “imminently hazardous” to the physical safety of other persons on the premises.

Utility disconnection moratorium expires July 31, 2021

The governor similarly extended a similar proclamation regarding utility services. Energy, water, and landline telephone companies may not disconnect or refuse reconnection of residential customers over nonpayment. Late fees may not be assessed.

The state of our Unemployment Trust Fund Account

Phone numbers for UI Claimants:

  • “Regular” claims: 800-318-6022
  • Training benefits: 877-600-7701
  • General unemployment questions: 833-572-8400
  • Debt collection unit (overpayments): 866-697-4831
  • Trade Act: 888-317-0480
  • Assistance with eServices sign-in: 855-682-0785

Phone numbers for Employers:

  • UI benefits questions: 877-504-5607
  • Web tax filing help and employer tax questions: 855-829-9243 (855-TAX-WAGE)
  • SharedWork help line: 800-752-2500
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit: 800-669-9271

Other important phone numbers:

  • Veterans (Dept. of Veterans Affairs): 800-562-2308
  • WorkSourceWA.com sign-in assistance: 888-316-5627
  • Washington Service Corps: 888-713-6080
  • Labor market information: 360-890-3735
  • Benefit and tax fraud: 800-246-9763
  • Federal bonding program: 800-669-9271
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave: 833-717-2273



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