Benefits Data Dashboard Highlights

Due to the launch of the new federal stimulus and the changes to the systems, some claimant and processing data needs to be adjusted. We will update the dashboard again once we can ensure data is a true reflection of claimants’ experience. Thank you for your patience as we roll out these new federal benefits.

Our dashboard is updated weekly, on Thursday, in conjunction with the weekly UI numbers. The full dashboard can be found here.

  • $13.4 billion has been delivered through this crisis to 1,095,912 individuals

Weekly Numbers

Thursday, we announced our weekly unemployment numbers. You can find the full press release here. Highlights include:

  • During the week of December 27-January 2, there were 29,651 initial regular unemployment claims (up 54.5 percent from the prior week).
  • 557,419 total claims for all unemployment benefit categories (up 12.1 percent from the prior week)
  • ESD paid out over $182.7 million for 316,175 individual claims

Trust Fund Balance: $1.8 B

Economic Recovery Dashboard

Check back often for newly released information

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